Hi, I am one of the special few who have received this great offer to get the new MagicJack 2014 which can even connect to the WiFi.

That’s what all of the big letters say, if you read the small print, it turns out that they actually sent this great offer e-mail to everybody who has ever bought a MagicJack, and that the connect WiFi – if you read the whole thing- says, “Connect WiFi and the phones to USB SDIO slots on the MagicJack” and if you read further, it says, “Coming in 2014” so if you just look at it briefly, it’s like, “Hey, they got a new MagicJack that’s got WiFi in it. That’s great, I could really use that.”

I did order my MagicJack 2014 and I have my MagicJack Plus here – the previous model – to compare them to. I’ll put links to both of this done below in the description box, you can check them out online, and I just want to briefly tell you if you’re considering the order, a couple of things that I discovered in the process of going through the link and the e-mail to order one of these: one is, you got to be eagled-eyed, on advertise you’re going to get this for $29.99 plus they give you 6 months free service with it. It actually cost me $41.93 and that was after I got out of the things that I accidentally added in that I didn’t intend to.

So the pricing is $29.95 for this, $8.95 for the shipping and $3.03 for some mysterious regulatory fee, so $41.93. Then they come up with the, “Well you know, this may take 10 to 14 days to get to you and there can be delays but will expedite it for $3.95 more.” And I actually thought, “Well, the amount might be worth it.” Decided not to, put in my order on the 22nd of July, got an e-mail on the 23rd of July that they shipped it and it was 2 to 3 days later that I actually received it.

Well, let me open this up and show you what’s included with it here, and I think the WiFi is one of those that qualifies that way. So, here’s the set, you get your MagicJack piece, you get the phone cord, you get the USB connector part and you get the part that you plug into the wall for power so you don’t need to have it plugged in into your computer. Alright, here is the new MagicJack 2014 right here, and this is the previous MagicJack – the just plain MagicJack plus – in case you’re thinking that maybe it’s actually just the same device but actually it’s not. You can see the difference in the size and if we look at the side here, the new MagicJack, there are this 2 USB plugins and over here this one says, “WiFI”.

There’s also a little plug below which I believe is the SDIO port, it fits like a microSD card but since it’s an SDIO I think you can do more things with it, and then if we look at this end, it’s just the USB where you are going to get your power or you can plug it directly into your computer and on the opposite end, you got the place to plug it into the your router, the ethernet cord port and then your phone cord plugs in here. The other pieces that you get in the package: got your Ethernet cable to plug into your router, this piece that allows you to either to plug this directly in and plug it into the wall or they give a little 6 inch extender cable so that you can plug this into this power adapter and gives you a little more flexibility to plug that in, it doesn’t have to be jammed right into the wall socket.

Now, this is what’s left, I’m trying to draw a few inferences here from the cutouts in the packaging as to what might be coming next year, and there is-2 of this spots here. That in the future, apparently, something with a shape like that may go into this spot, and so I’m thinking that when they get this extra pieces for the WiFi and whatever other feature they may actually include them in the package. So the new MagicJack Plus 2014 is definitely larger than the MagicJack Plus and it’s also heavier, so there’s some more stuff in here. They do say that there’s better sound quality with it so I imagined they’ve upgraded the chips into it somehow. I’m going to go down and setup my accounts for my MagicJack Plus 2014.

They say you don’t need a computer for it which is true but you do still need a device – that’s how they put it in the instructions – is, go their website on your device and setup your accounts. Now, I’d like to set this up under its own account, and then I could have this plugged in simultaneously and compare them but I think from what I’ve read, you actually have to-it’s an upgrade, so you’re basically upgrading form this guy to this guy which I think deactivates this. But if I can get them both to work at the same time, that will be great because I want to test out the sound quality in the next video and see how that works, the voice mail features and so forth.

So that’s it for the part 1 of this video, I’ll put a link here to part 2 where I’ll discuss the setup registration again whether it works only as an upgrade or you can use both devices. Also, try out the sound quality, see how it works and get to the bottom of whether this WiFi actually works with what you have here or whether we will have to wait until next year and buy yet another thing to plug into it to make it work but I’ll get to the bottom of that in the next article.