Google Pixel 3a: Who should buy this phone?

Hey everyone! I am here with the pixel 3a and it raises an important question: who should buy this phone?

So, I’m gonna walk you through five reasons why. I think you might want to buy it. So first of all, it’s right on the front it’s got a headphone jack. Now I use bluetooth headphones. A lot of people don’t and of course a big complaint about modern phones. Especially, the expensive ones. Is they don’t have a headphone jack? So, if you want a pixel phone with a headphone jack – this is your baby right here.

So, number two, and this is a biggie. I don’t care about the notch on the pixel 3xl, but lo and behold. This is a 3a XL and it’s got no not ch, so, never bothered me. But some people don’t like it okay.

Tthe third reason is that there is a new color. So, if this purplish appeals to you. Then, this is probably the phone you want as you can see. That’s white this is purplish not that big a difference. It’s extremely subtle, but I have a red iPhone 10 R, that I’m testing. I like the red color you might like purple, so, that’s a reason to reason number four is extremely important it’s a pixel phone.

So the pixel 3a comes with all of the updates as soon as Google is ready and that’s security updates that’s actual operating system updates. And for me perhaps most importantly is you’re gonna get all of the google assistant updates that google talked about onstage at i/o today.

So, the last point and probably the most important is the price now the pixel 3a the smaller one costs only 400 bucks the pixel 3a Excel is 480 and that is pretty low price to get into the pixel Club. So, in this day and age when everyone’s trying to get a premium phone, but they don’t want to pay those super high prices, like $1000 for the iPhone 10s. And the most expensive Samsung phones let alone $2,000 for the Galaxy. Fold you can get into a really nice phone for just four hundred or four hundred and eighty bucks. So, we’ll have a full review on PC world in due time but in the meantime, I want to know what you think the pixel 3a and why you might want to buy.

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