Using Thinklabs One Stethoscope with BTE Hearing Aids (philadelphia)

Hi there, my name is Mhairi. I’ve been working as a midwife for 10 years, and I wear hearing aids for everyday use, and I use the Thinklabs One for work. And I’m going to show you today, how I hook it up to my hearing aids with my streamer. So, you’re going to need 4 things: you need a phone with an app for your hearing aids on it. You need the streamer itself. And the streamer needs to have a headphone jack on it.

When I first got my hearing aids the streamer that they gave me didn’t have a headphone jack on it, which was part of our problem in getting it set up. And my Audiologist told me that actually the ReSound streamer with headphone jack has been discontinued. So, they had to actually back order one to get one with the headphone jack in it. So, that was a bit of a problem for me! The hearing aids that I wear are the ReSound, open fit, behind the ear. They look like that. And they have been working very well for me.

The other thing you need is a cable with two headphone jack ends on it. And, you need your stethoscope! So, the first thing that you need to do is open your hearing aid app and for me when I open it (oops! Sorry about the glare!) It looks like that. It’s set to the “All Around” setting, which is just my every day hearing aid setting. When I use the streamer, I set it to this “Micro Mic” setting.

So, this is my streamer. I just turn it on at the side, and when it’s ready to go, there’s a little green light that flashes. So, I put that on. And then I attach one end of the headphone cable to the streamer, And then I attach the other end to the ThinkLabs. And then I can turn that on. And right now, my hearing aids are set just to hear whatever is happening in the room. When I set it over to the streamer, because they’re connected, it’s actually streaming straight from the stethoscope.

So, what I’m hearing right now is the tapping sound, on the stethoscope coming straight through to my hearing aids. Generally I just turn this off and on throughout my clinical day. And that works really well for me.

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