Samsung Galaxy S II Wired Headsets

When it comes to handsets and headsets Samsung knows what it’s doing, that’s been proven with the release of many Bluetooth headsets and excellent phones. Compatible Samsung Galaxy S II headsets offer some great options for their users of this great smart phone, which is the Samsung Galaxy S II. They are simple in design; you can find a number of compatible headsets with excellent features. You will find it hard to choose the perfect Bluetooth headset for your Samsung Galaxy S II smart phone. When you find out this must-have Samsung Galaxy S II accessories the factors that need to be considered are battery life, sound clarity and comfortable fit.

WEP200headsethas an all-direction mic that does not miss any beat. The buttons which have to perform Galaxy S IIs can be used to answer a call and can also be used for a number of other different Galaxy S IIs. This headset easily fits into your ear and is also light weight. Main features include a standby time of 70 hours, talk time of 4 hours and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. There is another compatible Samsung Galaxy S II headset optionWEP410 that can be used for a long time without any need of charging, it offers a talk time of around hours and standby time of more than 70 hours and also offers good sound quality with decent affordable range.

Moreover its small size enables easy carrying because of extremely light weight making. Another headset option is the Samsung Black WEP490 headset; it offers high sound quality with crystal clear conversation, noise isolation capability, 6 hours of talk time, high-end ear coupling for enhanced audio, comfortable, extremely light; total 4 ounces in weight. It fits so smoothly on your ear that you don’t even realize that you are wearing it. Another compatible Samsung Galaxy S II headset is the Samsung HM1610 that offers cancellation of angle noise and other side noise also with the help of A2DP Mono Music streaming you can enjoy high quality music. This handset has active pairing feature; which allows it to be easily and instantly connected to your phone and its advanced multipoint feature allows it to be connected to two smart phones at the same time.

One of the excellent features include automatic volume control feature which ascertain that you hear the person talking on the other end clearly. If you are looking for such kind of headset that can offer extended talk time and standby, then Samsung WEP is the best among Samsung Galaxy S II Bluetooth headsets; it offers a standby time of more than 7 days or 180 hours and a respectable talk time of more than 8 hours.

Furthermore it is lightweight build; weighs not more than 1.6 ounce, extremely easy to use, has removable, transparent crystal ear hook that fits it properly on ear and has a highly comfortable design. This head set offers brilliant voice clarity and is compatible with Bluetooth 2.0. You can spend more time wearing this headset than charging it because of power saving enhanced data rate (EDR) technology.

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