Moxi All hearing aids – new from Unitron. Extending a patient’s best conversations to any mobile phone, and they are rechargeable! With ongoing personalization and patient insight innovations only from Unitron. Let’s follow Anna on her journey with her Moxi All hearing aids. Anna knows she isn’t hearing as well as she used to… Will hearing aids work? Which is the best product? Can anyone help? With Moxi All, she can confidently answer these questions. This is Marie, Anna’s hearing healthcare professional. Anna is taking home Moxi All Flex:trial hearing aids so she can try the hearing aids in her day to day life before she buys.

With the Remote Plus app, compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones, Anna can make adjustments and rate the experience with her hearing aids right in the moment. Anna hears much better now and can tell where sounds are coming from. She hears a phone ring and people chatting in the waiting room. She is loving these hearing aids and decides to rate them right then and there. With hands-free calling-, she can hear her friends and the hearing aid microphone picks up her voice too. Moxi All aids act like a Bluetooth headset earning a positive rating on the app for this clear phone call. The TV Connector is a great feature for Anna, letting her hear TV directly. She loves the high-quality stereo sound through her hearing aids. And it also connects to laptops, tablets, stereos, phones and more!

All without wearing a streamer. Still new to hearing aids, Anna accidentally changes the program of her hearing aids. She still hears the TV, but it sounds different. By making a negative rating here, she can let Marie know what she is experiencing. Marie will be able to see that Anna is in the wrong program, so she knows exactly how to counsel her on this. If Anna made 3 negative ratings, Marie would receive an email with a link to see the ratings on the myInsights website. Marie can also dig a little deeper to see all the details in TrueFit.

This information enables her to know Anna needs support and the know how to help before her next scheduled appointment. An email or a few words of counselling from Marie can help Anna and reassure her that these hearing aids will be a great addition to her lifestyle. In preparation for Anna’s appointment, Marie checks her ratings in myInsights. When she sees Anna prefers a bit more bass for her music she knows that’s an easy adjustment with the myMusic feature.

She also sees Anna’a comment about batteries and how hard it is for her to change them… and has just the solution for her: Moxi All with the rechargeable option. When Marie reads Anna’s hearing aids, according to Log It All she spends 21% of her time in Conversations in a crowd. She also had some difficulties hearing hear friends at the Cafe, so a higher technology level would help her focus in on speech in difficult listening environments. Having the evidence to back up these changes and decisions makes it easier for both Anna and Marie.

Now with the rechargeable option, Anna has an easy overnight charge that gives her a full day of conversations. The new Moxi All hearing aids, combine Unitron’s Tempus platform with hands-free phone calls on all Bluetooth mobile phones, and the freedom of rechargeable. Plus with Flex and Patient Insights, you can take patient-centric fitting and counseling to the next level with the evidence to back it up. We’ve answered the call: All conversations. All mobile phones. All the freedom of rechargeable. Moxi All. Only from Unitron.