Staying in touch with family and friends is important to me. More and more I find I want to stay connected wherever I go, but with so many cell phones overloaded with features, it’s important to me to find a cell phone that I can actually use. The cell phone that I like to use. I chose GreatCall because they offer a variety of plans at affordable prices. So I can choose the right combination of minutes, texts, even data for me. If you’re just looking for an easy-to-use phone to stay connected to family members and friends when you’re on the go, you could choose the Jitterbug Flip, and a plan with minutes. GreatCall has monthly plans starting as low as $14.99 a month, with 200 minutes of talk time every month. And if you don’t use your minutes, they roll over to the next month. But if you’re thinking about using your phone for longer calls or instead of a landline, 200 minutes might not be enough. If that’s the case they have other plans, including one with unlimited minutes for $49.99 a month, that gives you as much time to talk to others as you want. With GreatCall there is no contracts or cancellation fees, so it’s easy to make changes to your plan as your needs change.

My oldest grandson likes to send me text messages. Text messages are a great way to send a quick message without having to make a call. GreatCall has several options so I can pick the amount of text to fit my usage and my budget. $3 a month gives you 300 texts, and they have other options including one for $15 a month for 2500 texts, so there’s a plan that’s just right for you. Texting is a great way to find out how my grandson did in his baseball game, or for my wife to add things to my to-do list when I’m out running errands. if you’re like me, your kids are probably sending you pictures of your grandkids. I love seeing what they’re up to. And while I can get picture messages on a Jitterbug Flip, I decided to choose a simple smartphone – a Jitterbug Smart. Having a smartphone means I need to add data to my GreatCall plan. It’s easy for me to use, and having a Jitterbug Smart with a data plan lets me use the phone for more than just making phone calls. I can post pics to Facebook. I can check my email. I can use the map app to find the newest hardware store. You know at first, my daughter was sending me maybe a picture a week, so GreatCall’s smallest data plan of $17.48 a month was just fine.

Plus, I can connect to Wi-Fi when I’m home to make sure that I’m not going over. But as more and more photos and video started coming, I realized I needed a bigger plan. GreatCall had a plan to suit my needs and my budget. GreatCall also offers an award-winning lineup of health and safety services, so I can turn my Jitterbug into a mobile safety tool.

And that means I can save up to 50% on my minutes plan. GreatCall services are designed to help me feel connected, safe, and healthy wherever I go. Whether you’re lost, feeling unsafe, or experiencing an emergency, simply press the 5Star button to speak immediately to a highly-trained urgent response agent who will confirm my location, evaluate the situation, and get help to me if I need it. With three different health and safety packages to choose from I can pick a plan that suits my needs. The Basic Plan includes access to 5Star Urgent Response. The Preferred Plan includes 5Star, as well as Urgent Care and Link service. The Ultimate Plan includes all three and more, plus a Personal Operator I can reach by dialing zero when I need help with everyday tasks. It’s things like these that give me and my kids a a little peace of mind, and help me to keep living an active life. Choosing the right plan for your mobile phone doesn’t have to be confusing.

With GreatCall they’ve made finding the right plan and features simple and easy, and they’re powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable network. So, most likely they have service in your area. Give them a call, and let them help you find out which plans are best for you.