Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be unboxing the Vtech LS6425 Cordless Answering system. It has DECT 6.0 technology, it’s expandable up to 12 handsets and 2 headsets, all the handsets have speakerphone and they also have push to talk so you can use them as walkie talkies, there’s also caller ID announce so you can know who’s calling without seeing the display so without further ado let’s open this box. So this is just an ordinary product box, nothing special about it just some product features and images printed on it. Nothing out of the ordinary. Now let’s open this box. Now as I’ve told you already this is expandable up to 12 handsets and 2 headsets, I got mine with 3 handsets in the box. That’s the version I got so if you want more you’ll need to buy the other handsets separately.

The first thing I see when I open the box are the quick start guides in English and Spanish. Put this lying down. Next I see an AC adapter, I don’t know if this is for the base unit or for one of the charging units for the handsets we’ll find that out later. I also see the battery and the battery cover for one of the handsets and the two others, batteries and back cover. So 3 in total for 3 handsets, let’s see what’s in this box. Also a standard black telephone line, telephone cable. There’s also a wall mounting bracket for the base unit, nothing here anymore, put this away. Next we pull out one of the handsets, let’s see what else is in the box. Oh so it’s a charging unit for one of the handsets, so the AC adaptor we pulled out earlier, this one, is definitely for the base unit because these are already attached. Next we pull out a users manual, very thick, the base unit. Let me clean up a bit. Put this aside, put this away, base unit.

A lot of carton, fancy. Put this away, another charging dock for the third handset and two more handsets, so three in total. Nothing else in the box so we’ll put this away, this away. So on every handset you’ll find the push to talk button on the right side so you can use the unit as a walkie talkie, on the back you’ll find the HD audio speaker for the speakerphone on the front you’ll find a display, mute button, menu button, you know the usual. Caller ID button, volume up and down button, you know really the usual nothing special there.

There’s also a speakerphone button and an equalizer button on the bottom right so that’s a special thing for the that HD audio. On the base unit you’ll find a delete button, a repeat button, skip button, play/stop button and an on/off button. There’s also a round display, but if you look closely on the charging dock for the handset you’ll also find a find handset button for when you can’t find your handset. On the side, the right side we have the volume up and down buttons, on the back you find the phone line in jack and the AC port so you can supply this unit with power using the AC adaptor, this one. Just plug it in and you’re good to go. So that was it for this unboxing of the Vtech LS6425 Cordless answering system.