Hi, my name is Davis Burns, senior review editor at InHomeSafetyGuide, the most trusted online source for reviews to help keep you and your loved ones safe. In this quick overview of the GreatCall Splash mobile GPS alert system, we will cover 4 key components, which can serve as your guide to selecting the best product for your needs.

They are… Buying Experience, Equipment and Setup, Pricing and Value, Customer Service Ok, lets get started… BUYING EXPERIENCE. What made our shopping experience so nice was the simple layout and user-friendly product information on the GreatCall website. Here at InHomeSafetyGuide, we have assessed the navigation flow of hundreds of websites and it is clear that GreatCall has one of the best. For example, on their website, the image of the GreatCall Splash device can be rotated by the visitor so you can see it from multiple angles and you get the impression you are holding the device in your hands.

Plus, there are user-friendly pop-up boxes that provide easy-to-understand information on key features. GreatCall offers 3 packages for their Splash device: Basic, Preferred, and Ultimate. All these packages have one common theme: You get the GreatCall Splash mobile device, along with their 5Star Urgent Response Service. We decided to order and test the Ultimate package with all the special extra options, but we will provide more on that when we cover the Pricing and Value component. Ok, now the second key component – EQUIPMENT and SETUP. The GreatCall Splash was an easy setup process for us since all we needed to worry about was the mobile GPS device and the drop-in charger. The device is one of the smallest on the market, at less than 2 inches by 3 inches, and it is super lightweight, which made it easy to carry no matter where we went. We also liked that it was not attached to a home-based unit, so it can be used anywhere there is cellular coverage. Even though the Splash device can go more than 24 hours on a single charge, it is recommended you charge it each night to ensure continued coverage.

Also, while the hardware setup can take minutes, the activation process can take a bit longer. We would be remiss if we did not tell you the device is waterproof and is safe to take in the shower, hence the name, GreatCall SPLASH. The third key component, PRICING and VALUE. There is a one-time equipment fee of $49.99 for the GPS device, but after that, the 3 monthly package service options range from $19.99 to $34.99, which are competitively priced for the mobile alert system market. Most people would be satisfied with the Basic package at $19.99 per month to get emergency protection wherever you go, but an extra $15 more per month gets you the Ultimate package. The Ultimate package includes their Urgent Care feature, which connects you with a live nurse or doctor 24 7 to get fast, quality medical advice. Another key feature in the Ultimate package is fall detection, where the device can detect a fall, and automatically connect you with GreatCall 5Start Urgent Response Service, to quickly get the help you need. While GPS network coverage is powered by Verizon, you should still make sure you have good Verizon coverage in your area before purchasing.

The last component of our review is CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is an area where GreatCall really stands out from the crowd. All their packages come with 5Star Urgent Response which means that whenever you contact GreatCall emergency response center, via the Splash device, you are connected with a 5Star Agent that has been trained by GreatCall and is certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. Yes, that sure is a mouthful, but what this actually means is GreatCall takes their Customer Care Operations very seriously, which ensures their customers quickly get the help they need, and every call meets the highest standards of customer service. With easy-to-use equipment, affordable pricing, first-class customer care, and special extra options, the GreatCall Splash is one of the best choices when it comes to mobile GPS alert systems. This is why, we here at InHomeSafetyGuide give them an overall score of 9.5. For complete details on the GreatCall Splash device, our scoring criteria and ways to purchase at a discount, please read our full review.