Hey guys, so a few weeks ago, one of you guys asked me how I keep my electronics/tech gear safe from water damage when I’m on the road. The Travelon clear view waterproof Pouch is perfect for those of you who like to have all of your electronics, your phone, camera, your credit cards, maybe even your money by your side whenyou’re rafting down a river, swimming, or you’re at the beach.

What’s even better about it is that it actually has a little detachable lanyard that goes here and you can throw it around your neck just like this. Okay, so instead of me just sitting here talking about how great this waterproof pouch is, I’m going to go ahead and do a little demonstration for you guys to actually show you how this works. So here I’ve got Liz’s iPod Touch and the travelon waterproof pouch. As you can see, opening the waterproof pouch is really easy.

Once you’re finished inserting your device into the pouch, lay it down flat and be sure to gently push down on the pouch and slide your hand from the bottom to the top of the pouch in order to remove any excess air. Once your device is in the pouch and you’ve got it rolled up and secured the velcro flap, you’re good to go. For testing sake, let’s go ahead and drop the pouch into the bowl of water and let’s see how it holds up. As you can tell, the pouch is sealed correctly as it’s beginning to float back up to the surface. Let me go ahead how easy it is to navigate around your smartphone through the clear plastic pouch. Alright, now that it’s lived up to it’s expectations as far as keeping my iPod afloat, let’s see if the seal held up and let’s go ahead and make sure no water got in there during the test.

Awesome, the iPod is just as dry as it was when it went in. Another great thing about this pouch is that you can pick it up for right around ten dollars on Amazon. That’s with free shipping as well. All you have to do is click on the link below in the video description and it will take you right over to the site where you can get yours right now. So, there you go! This is how I keep my electronics safe from water damage when I’m on the road. Don’t forget to give the article a thumbs up and leave a comment below!