The $30 GoPro Battery + Phone Charging Bank: Unboxing

Hey folks, Ray from here. Now for those of you that know me. You know that I love like battery chargers. I have probably an unhealthy obsession with charging devices probably because I’ve got so many darn devices to charge that I’m always looking for ways to charge them.

So like how about these a little Anker lipstick charger I mean there’s tons of these things like super cheap in Amazon. I’ve got the beast, this twenty thousand milliamp hour charging block that I use quite a bit it’s got a USB-C on it.

Two regular USB’s on there so great for kind of different things. I’ve got the video did in the past on this dual GoPro battery charger that you can charge over USB-C as well as micro-USB, two GoPro batteries included the whole thing like 20 bucks. Batteries + charger, not too shabby But I recently saw an Amazon this here which is combining that stuff together.

It’s a GoPro battery charger with a battery bank. A 10,000 milliamp hour battery bank. Now just be clear, I bought this myself on Amazon. This one’s $30 on Amazon, and I’m just gonna see how well work. So this first part of video is the unboxing and the second part of the video I’ll do in about two weeks after I test it and see how well it actually works in real life. So we’ll get this thing all cracked open here. Now I’ve seen this on different Amazon country ones. Amazon UK, Amazon US, etc.

So I just happened to buy it on an Amazon UK one. But now it’s also on the Amazon US one. So…we’ll go ahead and I’ll crack this open real quick. There we go nothing fancy there it’s got a little sleeve that you will never…ever…use.

Who would use this? Really, no one’s ever gonna use that! And then we got the battery bank itself and we’ve got a charging cord here. So you’ll see the charging cord is USB-C, yes!, and then a manual. Not that you’re ever gonna need that either by the way. But the manual explains how to charge the GoPro battery.

GoPro…let’s see…power port…output charging time for the entire unit is five hours. With a 2.4amp adapter, and then the USB-A output: That’s the regular USB style there is also 2.4amps as well, so that’s solid. Same with USB-C input 2.4amps. In terms of charging time: The GoPro battery will flash an LED on the side that will be fully green once it is done charging. And it has this whole like simple list of light color code and stuff to help figure it out. Anyways the important part though is the GoPro battery charger inside. So this GoPro Hero 5 and 6 batteries. You can see the door right there and I go and take my GoPro battery, and I slide it inside, close it up.

And now I can charge the GoPro battery, it’s already charged nice! It’s got three lights there and it’s got this light for the GoPro battery charger itself that you probably can’t it all see So that brings up the question, it’s now charging, I don’t have to do anything: I’m done. But why would you want this over, like, combining these two together? And it depends on where you’re charging. For me I’m always charging in a backpack. Like if I’m out for a hike or bike ride or something like that. The idea that I could stick this at my back jersey pocket, my backpack, is awesome.

Because I can charge my phone I can charge anything USB-C and I can charge the GoPro battery at the same time so I’m curious to see over that couple weeks how long it takes to charge a dead battery because that might matter a bit versus this this is awesome for obviously charging two GoPro batteries at once. The downside though is that like if you were to try and stick this in your backpack it wouldn’t work very well. I suppose you could rubber-band this to this and that would kind of work but it just seems clumsy to me. I love the idea of like this is all in one. One unit and I’m done…Anyways let’s go outside, or I’ll go outside I’ll just come back inside and tell you how well it works in a couple weeks. Ok, so here we are two weeks later… Actually… it’s three months later.

That’s just how organized I am. But it’s actually cool because now I have way more time with this it’s been awesome. I’ve been using it absolutely constantly and it’s honestly working great. I’m not really sure what more to say. But a couple things though just for the fun of it. #1, it is 10,000 millamp hours. as I mentioned before. And that’s mostly working pretty good for me. My other battery pack of the mentioned was 20,000 milliamp hours and I still use that a lot and sometimes if I’ve got like a lot of stuff going on it is nice to have the 20,000 milliamp hour battery especially if I’m in a place where I’m not gonna charge it really often. So like a long travel day, something like that. I want to recharge my phone a few times and may not have time at the end of that day to charge this back up again.

But still for like 99% of cases this is awesome. The GoPro battery charging is working out great I’ve been charging both official GoPro batteries is those third-party batteries because I tend to use those a lot more because they’re cheap. So like this one here is a PowerExtra. I’m finding on average about two hours to charge one of these batteries for a Hero 4/5/6, sorry, Hero 5/6 battery so pretty good for me the seems reasonable. The only downside, the only real downsides is I wish I had two USB ports.

So it has the USB-C in for charging. For charging the unit itself. But it only has one extra port for charging other things and so while I am able to charge my GoPro batteries in here and I do that all the time it’s also just handy sometimes a who are in charge your phone to have a charge like one other thing. Now there is one way to solve that, which I have been using. Which is one of these two little cables, and I love these cables I like these are my favorite thing on life. Like six bucks this one here has a simple USB so it plugs in like this and then it has on it Lightning for iOS devices, one micro-USB, one USB-C, another mini-USB and then one last micro-USB as well, so two micro-USB’s in total. Love-love- love this. If you want something that’s not like spaghetti strap. I don’t know why you wouldn’t?

But if you don’t want that, there’s this nylon one that I just managed to get stuck in the chair there, that I’ve also got that I got in the last couple weeks and this is handy both charging stuff so on it you have USB-C, micro-USB, and Lightning . Do keep in mind that the USB-C and the micro-USB are not data pass-through. And the same with all of those on that one there. The Lightning though is data pass-through [on the nylon one] so if you plug it into a computer this end this will pass through Lightning [data] for your iOS device. What is nice about this is that it can also charge this. So you can do the same thing by taking the USB-C, popt it in the in port, plug this in somewhere else, and then you’re good to go! Both these are like seven bucks. I’ll link to all this crap in the description there and again I bought all the stuff myself.

I love-love-love charging stuff! So anyways there you go this is awesome, it’s always with me on any sort of longer trips or really anything at all for that matter I even take this like just when I’m going out for the day with the kids that toss it in the stroller or the bag, all that kind of stuff. It’s just there to have. With that there you go we’ll go ahead and whack that Like button at the bottom!

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