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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is due to grace us with its presence in a matter of weeks and with the success of the S2 being one of the best sellers of 2011, we can assure you this sequel is sure to turn heads.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released at the beginning of April 2011 at the Mobile World Congress, making it pretty predictable that the Galaxy S3 will make its debut at roughly the same time in 2012. I’m expecting it around April/May, so if you’re due to upgrade your contract, I’d advise you hang on in there for Samsung’s next flagship handset.

Samsung have changed their tactics this year by taking a leaf out of Apples book with the way that they launch their new devices. They are being very secretive about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and are even going as far as holding their own Samsung organised event to release the phone, which will no doubt see the Samsung Galaxy S3 being released a week or two after the announcement. Considering this marketing technique always works wonders for Apple, it is certainly a very good approach to take. The secrecy builds up the hype surrounding what’s to come and the interest increases more and more over time.
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The Galaxy S2 cost £500 to buy the handset outright with monthly contracts coming in at approximately £46 per month. The price did drop very quickly so we expect a similar thing to occur with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and given the huge success that the Galaxy S2 received, the Samsung Galaxy S3 could be set a peg higher or two in price.
Our best guestimate on price is for contracts to begin at £36 per month as this is going to be a high-end level device and approximately £500/£600 to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 outright. Set to be one of the must have smartphones for 2012, we think Android fans will snap them up whatever the price
The processor powering the Samsung Galaxy S3will be at least a dual-core, but I believe it will be a super-fast quad-core driving the almighty Galaxy S3. The S2 runs on a dual-core processor which made a huge difference to this Android device but we don’t think HTC will bring out yet another dual-core device this time round, especially as most new smartphones are now boasting about the size of their quad-cores.
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There will be many cool features introduced by Samsung on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 including the latest version of Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, 1GB of RAM and an impressive 12MP camera. The screen size will be much bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S2 with mobiles now being more tablet-esque than smartphones and we are predicting a 4.8-inch super AMOLED display featuring Full HD 1080p resolution with High definition.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 news as soon as we hear it and once its released we’ll be getting our hands on the device to give you our honest opinions. Let us know if you are planning on upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the comments section below.

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