Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories

The Galaxy Nexus is quite a game changer for the world of smartphones, this Android smartphone is the first phone to see the powers of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. With this 4.65 inch HD Super AMOLED display, this buttonless device will need a bit more than the average protection placed on it. The Galaxy Nexus is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core TI MAP 4460 processor along with a 1750mAh battery. You can now unlock your phone with the Face Unlock, who needs passwords or passcodes when you just smile and unlock your phone. Keep your new Galaxy Nexus smartphone as shiny, bright, and protected as the day your bought it with our many accessories to the left!

Protect that rather large 4.65 inch display with anyone of our custom fit screen protectors to our universal screen protectors. Place on a protective case, to keep your Galaxy Nexus dent and crack free. The Galaxy Nexus is definitely a thing of beauty and protecting it can be a big job but we guarantee that our skin cases, covers, and pouches will help you from ever seeing a mark on your phone. Skin cases are made from the finest silicon to ensure that when you drop your phone, the only harm done will be to your case not your phone. Our covers are constructed and designed with hard, brawny, thin plastic to ensure a lot of protection without the overall bulky feel to it. Slide your Galaxy Nexus into a thick leather pouch that clips to your bags or your belt so you know where your phone is at all times. Who wants a broken, scratched, or cracked phone? No one! So make sure you have all of the right tools to give your phone the ultimate protection and coverage.

Intensify the volume of your Galaxy Nexus with anyone of our portable speakers or dock stations. Share your music or videos with those around with your with our high quality speakers! Looking to block out all sounds around you when you talk on the phone? Plug in our headsets to talk while you go. Our corded and Bluetooth headsets feature the latest in noise cancellation technology to block out those around you while you talk handsfree.

Don’t let other heard your conversation because you can’t hold up your phone at the moment, forget speakerphone, and instead use handsfree headsets! Looking for a bit of memory to add to your phone? Our memory cards not only allow you to store all of your old files, but you can now forget about ever deleting anything ever again! Charge your Galaxy Nexus with all of the proper equipment for every situation; from adapters to back up batteries, we have it all! Check out all of the Galaxy Nexus Accessories to the left!

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