How to make electricity free

In fact, it’s just a joke. Do not do this ever!
This post is not intended to be used simply for the educational purposes of its so that this is theoretically you knew as much as possible. In short, I will explain something who knows of course strongly do not comment on the theresa and so I want to tell you from above to tell you how the brothers earth can electricity through to the terrain in cottages and so on everywhere where there are ordinary goods. For this we need to make grounding. Here I am, for example, on Tuesday and here I have a trumpet clogged 3 meters of land. It is crammed horizontal bar and at the same time and children’s swings or now not through not the locker from this grounding. We will take electricity this is a carry the usual 220 volts. It goes about a bobble carrying lamp too please the ends of wires. Well, here there is no chemistry a place who though more less lift physicists knew that it is possible. Less than everyone knows how to do it. See how it works whether the grounding is remembered 3 meters more can be more than the area touching. The ground contact the better you will work with the more powerful devices. You can connect, but we’ll show you the example of a light bulb. Now it’s so see take our carry-over which is covered with excess wires. There is nothing take 220 babe. The light is on now to find in which of these outputs. The phase I eat dancing everywhere goes text and rubina real. Show 230 volts that is no loss when good grounding works. Great dry weather even you can see that the light is already shining two buckets of water under the pipe. Pour out and everything again works as it should and at this time when the light bulb is on the counter. There is in the house the circuit is not closed counters, so another check on the spot a electricity can be used such is the science of all those who did not know how to shake everything all.

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