Casetify Glitter Case Unboxing and Review

Now Adrienne, why are you spending $45 on a case with a glitter waterfall when you can get something similar at Walmart, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or a mall kiosk?

Well, if you’re asking me that question, you make a valid point according to your thoughts, but your thoughts are not my thoughts. I don’t look similar. I’m not similar, and quite frankly, I don’t do similar. Let me and my Casetify be great!

So the artist of this particular case is, well I can’t pronounce his name so I’m just gonna insert it on the screen right here. And this is actually my third Casetify designed by him, and he has different skin tones in his collection so you can easily find something representative of you. I don’t know if I already mentioned it, but the design on this case, her shirt says we should all be feminists, and we really should all be feminists. It’s not a man’s world. Okay I have to be honest.

This case is so gorgeous. It looks 100 percent times better than what it actually looked like on the computer screen. I was kind of iffy about getting the glitter case because I thought it might look cheesy with the design, but this is actually cute. Money well spent! My favorite colors are red and purple, and they didn’t have those colors in the glitter so I had to choose between pink and the gold. I thought with this design the gold really didn’t work so I was kind of stuck with the pink.

So I got the pink even though I really don’t like pink, but this is really really cute. I’m actually glad I went with this color pink. The case has two layers of protection. You have your thin hardshell exterior, and a soft inner layer which is kind of similar to a bumper, and this protects the iPhone from all angles. If you’re interested in purchasing the Casetify case based on this review, look at the description box below and please use my code. You will be helping me out tremendously because I’m sort of a case fanatic. I always like to have a new case. I like to switch cases like I like to switch my clothes so go ahead and check the description box below for that information.

Now because I’m right in front of the phone I can see that there’s actually four different types of glitter. and it’s all combined to basically create a beautiful mess when you move the phone. I don’t know if you’re able to see the different four types, but if you can’t then I need to get with Sony to let them know that this A6300 camera is not doing its job. The case is made of soft TPU and hard PC.

You probably don’t even care what it’s made of or actually know the terminology for what TCU and PC stands for, but what’s important is that this is what actually gives the case is luxurious look and feel. It’s basically identical to my trusty Case- Mate Karat Rose Gold case which I really really loved that I’m about to retire in favor of this case. So this is good. I still have access to my charging port and all of my buttons so there’s absolutely no compromise to the functionality of my iPhone.

That’s always a plus. The case has a smooth shiny and high-gloss finish which is very important because this is what’s going to help prevent it from scratching, and what I really like about Casetify cases is although they print their designs directly on the back of their case, they’re designs do not scratch off. There’s really not going to be any wear and tear to the actual design and your hand is not going to rub the ink off when you’re talking on your phone.

And while you check that information down below in the description box, I think that I’m gonna go ahead and head back over to and order me another glitter case because this is really really pretty, and I don’t think too many cases are really really pretty so when I find one, I have to collect them.

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