Note 9 ZIZO Bolt Case. Rugged case for Note 9

Hello Guys welcome to my channel. Tonight we are talking about the Zizo. Bolt Series Case. For the Note 9 It is a rugged case that comes with a belt clip. The phone case is reversible.

You can turn it around, left or right and use it left handed or right handed. You can use it with or without the belt clip. It has several positions and has very firm clicks. It is very rugged. It also has a snap to lock it into a stand position so you can set it on a desk and watch media. The case has a nice texture to it and a good feel.

The buttons are clicky, the fit is excellent. It has a nice open notch to access the S pen. The cutouts line up with everything. Plenty of room to access charging ports, head phone jack. It also has a kick stand on the back. I haven’t had any problems with the kick stand. I have had several similar cases. Some review have reported broken kick stands. I am careful with my equipment .

I haven’t had a problem. As you will see I have had three cases. I will show you at the end. The finger print reader is easy to access and the case will help you hit the sensor. Now in the box it comes in. It comes with a lanyard. I don’t every use the lanyard. Your milage may vary. I don’t hang my phones around my neck. It also comes with a tempered glass screen protector. The tempered glass screen protector seems to be of good quality. I gave a few of mine to a friend and it saved his screen but broke in the process. It fit really well too.

It comes with every thing to clean your screen and install. Now as you can see here is my new case on the left. My old case for my ZMAX PRO. And my last Galaxy S8 Plus. So, I use those cases, you can see they are all banged up. I used them quite a bit. I highly recommend this case. I am not receiving any compensation. You can get on Amazon, It’s a good buy and the price is right. Thanks guys, Please hit like and Please Subscribe. I will catch you on the next one.

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