Caption phones for the hearing impaired

Welcome back to Finely Revealed. In this episode I want to talk about something that is on our phone bill and has been for about 20 years and how it is actually helping people! It is a charge that appears as a line item on your phone bill and it relates to the interstate telecommunications relay services fund. That is a fund that the telecommunications read more

How to make electricity free

In fact, it’s just a joke. Do not do this ever!
This post is not intended to be used simply for the educational purposes of its so that this is theoretically you knew as much as possible. In short, I will explain something who knows of course strongly do not comment on the theresa and so I want to tell you from above to tell you how the read more

Roberta the Robot reviews Skype

Hi, I am Roberta the Robot!

I am a librarian robot working on Mars and I recently made my first Skype call to my brother Robbie on Earth. I only had to go to the Skype website and sign up. I found that people can also make calls to a cell phone or landline using Skype, but that costs money. However, it is very cheap.

For example, if a person signs read more

Honduras – SIP Training

Let’s see if SIP Essentials is a good fit for your training requirements. In this five day class will take a look at the SIP protocol. We will take a detailed look at the Grand picture all the components how they all fit together there’s lots of labs, lots or graphics to make the picture clear. Each chapter will follow this format: we read more

Audioquest Jitterbug

Pack all your troubles in your old jitterbug and smile, smile, smile. Is the Audioquest Jitterbug a problem solver or snake oil as some say? The Audioquest Jitterbug looks like a thumb drive on steroids with a USB A socket on the rear. Just plug it into the computer and connect your USB d/a-converter on it and you’re in audio nirvana. I came across read more